Luxurique is a Tokyo-based, boutique hospitality consultancy specializing in exclusive, tailored experiences in Japan for corporate and VIP guests.

Started in 2014, Luxurique has coordinated private visits, behind-the-scenes tours, conferences and investor events for luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, celebrities, dignitaries and royalty.

As the pioneer in Japan of fully customized and exclusive hospitality services, Luxurique, With its extensive experience in branding and marketing, produces events and experiences that properly reflect each client’s brand image.

With its centuries-old culture, dynamic cities, world-beating cuisine and exquisite artisanship, Japan is brimming with truly transformative opportunities for those afforded access. And Luxurique’s connections in the rarefied worlds of the arts, entertainment, culture, business and gastronomy mean guests enjoy immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Luxurique’s team of bilingual hospitality specialists individually craft every moment of a guest’s time in Japan according to their interests and preferences, whether that’s a private lecture by a Zen temple master, dinner at an introduction-only, Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant or a visit to the studio of a cutting-edge artist.

From executive symposiums to discreet, all-access travel, Luxurique curates seamless itineraries and encounters that captivate, enlighten and delight.

Luxurique is your portal to the real Japan.