The Luxurique welcome begins from the moment a guest arrives at the airport.

Meticulous planning and bespoke itineraries ensure the needs of every guest are satisfied from that first ride—whether by limousine, express train or helicopter—to their downtown, six-star accommodations.

With a wealth of hospitality coordination experience, Luxurique manages every size and complexity of arrangement, from large-scale corporate programs to VIP visitors and celebrity entourages. Seamlessness and fulfillment are the hallmarks of a Luxurique experience.

Luxurique coordinates every aspect of the stay, including multiple hotel and ryokan inn bookings, check-in, itinerary management, transportation and on-site secretariat and concierge services.

Luxurique’s expertise also extends to event planning and production. Conferences, global product launches, black-tie galas, private viewings and chic celebrations in hard-to-reserve restaurants are all regularly organized.

In a country renowned for its eclectic and exquisite cuisine, Luxurique’s gastronomic ties enable guests to savor the craftsmanship of award-winning and Michelin-starred chefs at private events or their own culinary abodes. Naturally, every dietary requirement or appetizing fancy can be accommodated.

To enhance every stay, Luxurique’s hospitality specialists can arrange or recommend one-of-a-kind activities or excursions to truly complete that Japan experience.

Sample experiences we coordinate for our clients:


Transportation coordination

Hospitality starts as soon as they arrive into Japan. We coordinate everything from airport transportation, to fleets of limousines and busses to cater to all your hospitality needs, as well as helicopters, and trains throughout Japan.


Managing Guest Stays

Whether your clients are staying in one hotel, or spread out over various hotels and Ryokans, we will assist you in managing your clients and their rooms, ensuring pre-check in process and payments as necessary.


Events, party planning, and production

New product launch party, exclusive dinner and entertainment, or a private dining prepared by a celebrity chef - we can produce the event, large or small.


Catering and Dining experiences

We can assist you with booking the most exclusive restaurants for your clients, and will coordinate with the chefs on any requests or dietary requirements. We can also bring Michelin starred restaurants and famous chefs to your conference and event venues, have menus and dishes created especially to suit your needs.


On-site Management, Secretariat, and Concierge services

A flexible on-site management team will ensure the satisfaction of your clients. Our teams work together to ensure that all your client’s requests and wishes are attended to. Whether it’s arranging a special activity, or finding a rare item in Japan, our on-site team can assist in making the impossible possible.