Independent VIP travelers

We create various travel itineraries and content, for a wide range of independent travelers. Whether it’s their first time in Japan, or their 10th, a couple on a honeymoon or a large group of friends, we produce exclusive activities and experiences to suit their individual interests and needs. Whether the requirements are drivers and guides, to personal meet-and-greet with Japanese artists, private behind-the-scene tours of Kyoto’s most famous temples, or a private tea ceremony lesson with famous tea masters, a visit to sake brewers or meeting with Anime artists to create your own animation, we can coordinate something tailor-made that sparks your cultural interest.

Sample experiences we coordinate for our clients:


Behind the scene of the largest fish market in the world

With Luxperience, you will have exclusive access to Tsukiji Fish maeket, the largest market of any kind in the world, with its origins dating back to the Edo Period, is a hugely popular tourist destination. We take you behind the scenes of the Tsukiji Fishmarket, where the public is forbidden to go. Escorted by famous Sushi masters, and the largest wholesalers of Tuna in Japan, you’ll experience (and taste) first hand why the blue fin tuna is so precious to the Japanese. A truly fantasic experience. (Tsukiji Fishmarket will move to a new venue in Toyosu, from Oct 2018) (Tokyo Ver)


Meet and greet Sumo wrestler at Sumo stable

Experience Sumo up close. Watch the morning practice, and if you dare, go into the ring to try and wrestle the large wrestlers! Taste their Chanko Nabe (hotpot), while you chat with the Stable master (ex-Yokozuna) about the uniqueness of the sport. (Tokyo Ver)


Private tours of renowned temples by the head priest

A true, exclusively-private tour of one of the most famous temples in Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera, led by the head-monk of temple. See private prayer rooms no one knows exists, and sub-temples and private gardens usually closed off to public. Enter the main prayer hall, and hear firsthand, and be enlightened by the history, spirit, and essence of this major cultural site. ( Kyoto Ver)


Exclusive sake brewery tour

Bespoke tour of a well-known Sake producer for the Nigori and Vintage (Koshu) Sake, Masuda Tokubee Shoten Co., has the longest history of Brewery in Fushimi district, Kyoto. Unlike Sake, Nigorizake is white, cloudy sake that has a fizz, fruity aroma and crisp acidity similar to that of sparkling wine. Mr. Tokubee Masuda, the president of the brewery who is also an executive board member of Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association will share the secrets of sake making along with tasting of rare and valuable sake. (Kyoto ver)


Animation Studio and creation...

Private meeting with Japanese famous character will entertain you exclusively at the theme park. Designated concierge will escort you in the park with VIP pass, and you can have a private meet & greet time with the characters. We will offer you the best available seats for the parade or shows.