Other Services 


Our unique position at the heart of the Japan's Inbound traveler support market gives us unique insights and unparalleled experience which we use to help both foreign and domestic companies who want to better understand or grow their business in the Japanese inbound market.

Other Services


Using its vast experience in the world of corporate hospitality and bespoke travel management, Luxurique advises a range on clients in Japan on sales and marketing strategy in a booming inbound tourism environment. 

Luxurique believes in invigorating Japan’s traditional and contemporary culture through meaningful interactions with discerning visitors.

Having fostered close ties with numerous Japanese artisans, cultural luminaries, historical sites, luxury proprietors and provincial tourism agencies, Luxurique helps these clients package their unique offerings to appeal to a cultured overseas audience in search of exclusive experiences.


We plan, manage and create events of various sizes and specifications. From producing and managing CEO conferences or board of directors meetings, or creating a luxury Gala event for VVIP clients.
Whether your needs are New product launch parties, exclusive dinner and entertainment, or a private dining party prepared by a celebrity chef, we offer a range of services that allows a tailor-made experience that is best for our clients (and your budget). Our events are completely customized, reflecting the personality of each client.


We have deep experience in assisting with PR and marketing to drive market awareness, and branding. We work with global partners, such as SPOTLIGHT to build a global PR and communication strategy for each of your targeted global market. We will assist your branding through message development, community management and engagement with the right influencers and media.

We have strong relationships with local and international media including CNN, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, National Geographic and various other media to help build stories that will reach your global target audience.

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