Executive Travel and Board Meetings

There are many reasons why corporate executives visit Japan, and whether that is to meet with important Customers or Partners or to attend a board meeting, the most critical objective for support teams is making sure that the Executive's time is used effectively and also that any the exposure to the destination is relevant and the most immersive experience possible. 


Luxurique uses our experience, knowledge of corporate expectations and local knowhow to optimize each trip's ROI through high-quality logistics and coordination, accommodation and restaurant arrangements that match guest requirements and by ensuring that entertainment and trip activities properly contribute to making the participants visit immersive and meaningful.


Luxurique is also able to provide all elements of Conference or Board meeting arrangements: from finding and securing fit-for-purpose venues, to the behind-the-scenes coordination of the events (including special IT set-up and support) and can also craft and support special programs (pre, during or post) the meetings for accompanying Spouses of the Executives. 


What makes our Luxury Executive Support  service so special

Airport Welcome and VIP Airport Support

A friendly welcome from a smiling face is the perfect way to connect with Customers, and Luxurique prides itself on our ability to quickly make guests feel welcome and assured that they are going to be well looked after. Our Hospitality and Special style of Customer Care starts on arrival, ends when we wave goodbye, and lasts for every second in between!  


Customers expect flawless service and don't tolerate having their time wasted, so we give great emphasis to the planning and coordination of Guest's transportation. We propose the best travel options for the itinerary and whether travel is by Limozine, Train,  Seaplane, Bus or Boat, we make sure our travel is as pain-free and effective as possible, leaving the maximum time for beautiful experiences  


 Luxurique has an unparalleled knowledge of the best places to stay in Japan and has a proven track record of finding that special place that suits our guest's personal tastes and expectations. So whether guests like to stay in brand hotels, historic Ryokans, or rented VIP private homes we make it all come together, as well as managing luggage movement, check-ins,  or making payments  

Itinerary planning and Experiences

Luxurique has a unique ability to understand our customer's needs and then design, produce and execute the itinerary and experiences that will make their trip something extraordinary. We create exclusive, high quality, and memorable activities that take our clients to private places where they can interact with Japan's cultural icons, artisans, and masters during in-depth sessions and face-to-face interactions. 

Parties Dinners and Entertainment

Whether holding a party to celebrate a success, launch a new product line, or purely give guests an exclusive dinner with entertainment, the quality and uniqueness of the event are critical to making attendees happy! Luxurique is the ideal partner to make your party happen, with our experienced team, unique venues, and relationship with entertainers, chefs, and caterers we have a proven track record of producing events that are enjoyable and memorable.  

Event and Party Venues

The quality of venues is extremely important to the success of a Corporate event in the eyes of the attendees. The venue must be fit-for-purpose, quality, secure, support the needs and corporate objectives and also provide a "wow" factor for attendees. We use our experience, and know-how from past events to give guidance on which venue will support the best outcome and that able to support the logistics, attendee needs and corporate branding themes of the project. 

Restaurants and Catering

Luxurique is well known for our ability to understand our customer needs (including dietary restrictions) and match those perfectly to restaurants that will create a culinary experience to be remembered.  We coordinate with the chefs, can have menus and dishes created to suit needs, and can also bring Michelin starred and famous chefs to Customer conferences and event venues to prepare once in a lifetime gastronomic experiences. 

Customer Care, On-site and Concierge

Event Customer Satisfaction is driven by the ability of an event management team to respond quickly and reliably to issues and Customer needs. Our event model includes a concierge desk and on-site team that ensures problems are identified and swiftly resolved, requests are managed flawlessly, and Customer communication is maintained at all times. Whether it’s arranging a activity, finding a rare item or  a hard-to-find service our  team will help make the impossible possible  

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