Customer Collaboration

Luxurique’s experience and skilled team provides the expertise to help our Customers no matter how prescriptive their corporate policies are or how hands on they want to be? We are able to stand at the back, driving the program's effectiveness from the background or be at the coal-face design with the end-customers. Luxurique has had significant success based upon its ability to integrate with the Client’s team and add value to the process.

High cost
Low Cost
  • Working within fixed Budget from project start

  • Consulting on industry practice 

  • Creation of optional content

  • Based on evolved program of activities

Itinerary and Content 
Fully Bespoke
  • Ideation, creative and brainstorming

  • Event theme creation and brand, marketing theme alignment

  • Craft itineraries and schedules

  • Itinerary and content Standardization

Customer Management
Client Manages Customers
  • Dedicated Customer-Care roles

  • Customer groups management eg  Customer Geo teams, Press, Staff

  • Customer group aligned onsite support

  • Split charging calculation and invoicing by Geo if required

Customer manages event
event management
  • Own and manage entire Event

  • Project Plans, Manuals, and Checklist 

  • In event dedicated Luxurique onsite and back office management team

  • In event Problem and Change management

Supplier Management 
Client Manages Suppliers
Luxurique Supplier
  • Supplier contracts

  • Supplier training and preparation

  • In-event supplier control and coordination

  • Supplier negotiation and payments

  • Disputes/issues management

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