Serving Corporate M.I.C.E in Japan is our Speciality

Luxurique, founded in 2014, is a boutique hospitality consultancy company based in Tokyo and Kyoto. We specialize in exclusive, tailored events, activities and experiences for corporate and VIP guests when they visit Japan.

We offer luxury Consulting plus Bespoke and Packaged hospitality and visitor experiences, for Customers wishing to experience the unique Culture and Spirit of Japan.


Our Luxurique Bespoke Hospitality Services provide a one-stop solution for Clients who want their own uniquely crafted and constructed hospitality programs in Japan. We Consult to help them design and create the prefect program to fit their vision and objectives, and then plan and execute the program to deliver that vision with extreme precision and utmost focus on Customer Care!  Our bespoke Hospitality Management services have gained a second to none reputation and we have supported luxury brands, Corporations, Businesses, Group Travelers and Individual Travelers with our unique services.


Our Pre-Packaged Luxury travel and activity Programs are managed by the Luxcovery team and provide exclusive Packaged Programs for those Japan travelers who want the immersive luxury experience but in a standardized and easy to select and book package.


For both Bespoke and Pre-Packed Programs our unique value starts with our special and exclusive access and network of exclusive Japan partners and then becomes unique as our team of experienced Luxury travel analysts create one-off memorable experiences for our Customers through their skills, planning, and execution. 


We pride ourselves that in Luxurique we go that extra mile to make sure our clients feel special and that their dreams and needs are always attended 

Welcome To Luxurique

The Home of the best inbound Corporate Hospitality and Event Production in Japan

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