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Image by Dan Schiumarini


Strategic Business Development Manager
 ¥350,000 -  ¥500,000 / month
(Based on skillset)
  • 4 year Bachelor Degree

  • Minimum work experience of 5 years

  • Language - Fluent Japanese and Business level English

Reports to the Luxurique Chief Operating Office and CEO : The Strategic Business Development Manager will be responsible for all aspects of Luxurique’s Strategic Business Development planning and implementation programs – to help define and achieve its next wave of growth.

Major Responsibilities of the role are to:

  • Target Setting: work with Luxurique exec to set Business Growth Targets

  • Fact/Data gathering and Analysis: Market Research and Analysis: including Industry trends, opportunity assessment, un-met customer needs, Customer segmentation, brand relevance,

  • Creating the Strategy: Formulating the Luxurique Non-Organic Business Growth and Acceleration Strategy, plus Road Map to achieve the expected growth

  • Opportunity Evaluation: Evaluation of options, priorities and creating proposal/recommendations for new business lines, market expansion, offerings and products/services to include defining customer segmentation, value propositions, Pain point solutions, plan deliverables/targets (revenue/Profit etc)

  • Selling the way forward: create and present and sell the strategy, road-map and specific project plans to execute the strategy

  • Executing the plans: Creating and leading the specific Strategic Business Development Plans (SBDP)– including articulation/communication of the changes, coordination of stakeholders (internally and externally) plus creation of Go To Market and Marketing plans

  • Coordination of the stakeholders: Mobilizing, Focusing and Coordinating internal and external teams to deliver the SBDP

With critical emphasis and focus on: Speed to market (for new offerings, products/services, and business lines), Collaboration and inclusion of stakeholders, achievement of growth targets


General Leadership: Represent the company at senior management level to drive the required company results through personal and team contribution

External Relations: Drive and manage the company’s strategy and plan for maintaining excellent external relations.

Projects and service delivery: Project management to project objectives, deadlines, and budgets all related projects for this function

Team management and Staffing: Lead the team managing and assigning workloads, maintain the required skills and resource levels for success

Performance monitoring: Create, monitor, and manage metrics to the GA functions perform to expected quality levels

Financial/Budgets: Maintain team/functional budgets, track and manage spending

Data management and security: Maintain and keep secure organized function related data

Reporting and Communication: Accurate and timely reporting of functional performance : project/service quality/budgets/people



  • Minimum 5 years work experience - required

  • Experience leading and managing teams - required

  • Experience in Travel related Sales, Itinerary/plan production and Events delivery. Travel or Event industry experience in the Hospitality sector – preferred

  • Experience of interfacing and communicating with Customers - required

  • Experience of leading Projects and service delivery - required

  • Experience and proficiency in producing reports and presentations - required

  • Use of MS Presentation, XL and Word packages - required



  • Native Japanese, minimum Business English with over 800pt for TOEIC or equivalent

  • 4-year Bachelor's Degree

Required Skills
  • Strategic thinking

  • Decision making

  • Driving Results

  • Able to lead, develop and motivate a team

  • Written and Oral Communication (incl presentations)

  • Ability to analyze and solve problems

  • Client/Customer focus

  • Teamwork

  • Relationship and partnership building

  • Negotiation

  • Having a proactive and self-starting mindset

Working Relationships: Internal

Executive leadership: Take direction, report on performance and involvement in strategy

Peer Manager function: Connect and synchronize activities, manage issues and plan across teams

Team members: Function management through the team members

Working Relationships: External

Investors: Work with investors to articulate the SBD goals and plans

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