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Themes & Interests

Our Approach to Building Themed Trip Plans

Luxurique has an extensive track record of crafting Japan itineraries tailored to the distinct preferences of both MICE and FIT clients. We've honed our ability to understand and anticipate our guests' needs, developing two key approaches to itinerary building interest-based and theme-based.

Our interest-based itineraries are entirely bespoke, crafted from a vast catalogue of content we know will resonate. We ask our clients the right questions to glean the insights we need to cater to and anticipate their requirements and preferences, constructing an itinerary that’s unique to them. 

Our theme-based itineraries swiftly harness our wealth of knowledge and skills in the art of itinerary curation through a series of pre-packaged trips built around a theme and accentuated with must-do components to ensure you experience the very best of Japan.


The following samples offer a glimpse into our capabilities. Whether you seek a personalised, themed itinerary, an expertly curated tour based on your interests, or a fusion of both, we are here to assist you. We aim to align with your unique desires.

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