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How Many Surveys Will I be expected to do?

·       As many as you want

·       What interests you

·       The more you do the more you will be invited to participate in

What about if I’m asked to do a survey and I don’t want to

·       Surveys are never compulsory other than the initial persona data survey

·       We will look to talk to any member that continually turns down survey participation as try to resolve any issues

Remuneration: If a survey is paying me – how will I get paid?

·       Varied based upon the survey but you will know details before you start the survey

·       Usually, vouchers

·       Sometime free products

·       Fam visits, service, and product testing

What are the other benefits of being a member?

·       GMG members home clubhouse website – with News and upcoming events

·       Prize Draws

·       Invitation to yearly GMG golf-day

·       Extra points plus higher level membership if you introduce new members

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