About Us

WITH offices in Tokyo and Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto, Luxurique has been curating tailored itineraries, experiences and events for the inbound luxury hospitality and travel markets since 2014.


Our team of bilingual coordinators delivers a broad range of luxury hospitality and travel services, from exclusive client experiences and conference sideline events to global corporation executive meetings and corporate incentive programmes.


With our ties to the rarefied worlds of the arts, entertainment, culture, business and gastronomy, we can organise exclusive access to areas and experiences impenetrable to most Japanese.


Founded by Naomi Mano, who has nearly 20 years’ experience in luxury travel and hospitality and event management, Luxurique is the portal for those who wish to truly experience Japan’s rich and captivating wonders.  

Naomi Mano

President & CEO

A US born Japanese national, Naomi has been in the marketing, branding, and hospitality industry for over 25 years. Starting her career at IBM, where she performed a regional role and worked on the Japan Nagano Olympic Marketing Committee, she later moved on to manage a wide range of marketing roles across Asia Pacific for multinational firms.

She started her first Luxury business in 2007 when she launched and ran the Japan operation for Quintessentially, the leading global Luxury Lifestyle service provider.

The Team

Robert Fisher

Chief Operational Officer

Amy Yamauchi

Head of Marketing

Mariko Yasuoka

Head of Hospitality

Palley Hsu

Head of IT