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Safer Travel

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LUXURIQUE'S mission is to show our guests the unique cultures and wonders of Japan while keeping everyone happy and safe. We fully understand that in these unprecedented times, guests travelling to Japan will require the highest levels of safety and risk mitigation. With this in mind, all components of our travel and event offerings have been optimized to prioritize the safety of our guests.

Despite safety being our number one priority, we still aim to make sure the events and programs we produce are deeply purposeful. In effect, without compromising on safety, we work very hard to ensure that our guests are still able to fully enjoy their trip and/or effectively carry out their business while in Japan.


Furthermore, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that beyond Luxurique innovating and complying with the highest standards of safety, we also ensure that the partners we work with are in line with these standards as well.


Rigorous Enforcement of COVID Standards and Policies

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1) Health and Hygiene Housekeeping​

All premises (including communal areas such as bathrooms, elevators, meeting rooms, activity venue rooms and restaurant dining rooms) where our guests spend significant time will:


  • Be reviewed to assess options for and providing optimum ventilation

  • Deploy anti-viral air purification machines with hospital grade filters to clean and purify the air circulation

  • Deploy people friendly disinfectant mist emitters

  • Implement frequently and thorough sanitization of all high-touch and contact surfaces including  doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails etc.

2) Social Distancing Measures


All venues and spaces that our guests visit during their programs will be pre-checked and have measures implemented to minimize contact with other guests, members of staff, or members of the local populace. Luxurique will prepare the teams that will enact and enforce the social distancing measures in all event spaces such as meeting rooms, activity venues, and restaurant dining rooms.

Considerations include:


  • Minimizing group sizes

  • How to discourage unplanned interaction with public or nonessential support staff

  • Partitions between tables

  • See-through barriers between guests and people they dine with

  • See-through barriers between guests and performers

  • Segregated entrances and guest walkways

  • Reduced seating capacity with floorplans layouts designed to give more distance between groups

  • Use of private/dedicated rooms and spaces


3) Support Staff Health Management


While we will endeavor to restrict unplanned exposure to the public and non-essential staff, our guests will often be engaging with our support teams and managers―from drivers, translators, and customer care managers to activity partners, entertainers, and artisans. Luxurique is committed to ensuring our staff and partners take adequate steps to maintain their own health and safety as to not pose a risk to our guests. Any and all staff that interact with our guests are required to adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Attend the regular company COVID-19 awareness and prevention training which includes:

  • Standard prevention measures against the spread of the disease

  • Identifying symptoms of COVID-19

  • How to care for customers who may have contracted COVID-19

  • Emotional intelligence training for managing guests in stressful situations

  • Specific health related training applicable to their role


  • Perform and log daily health assessment and temperature checks before starting their workday

  • Wear masks and all defined personal protective equipment including any items specific to their job function (e.g., visors and glove wearing may be required in addition to masks for some roles)

  • Adhere to personal hygiene and sanitation standards including regular washing/sanitization of hands

  • Luxurique workplace and outside-of-the office guidelines for its staff:

    • Refrain from attending large gatherings and/or non-urgent meetings

    • Work from home or, when necessary, travel to work outside of peak hours and via routes that have minimum crowding

    • Limit face to face interactions between employees, guests, and suppliers.

  • Minimize any unnecessary travel and keep records of any and all travel when conducted

  • Follow any and all government quarantine / testing policies when returning from international travel or close contact with infected persons



4) Guest Responsibilities


Keeping our guests safe during events is a team effort and our guests are also required to comply with COVID-19 Safety instructions and requirements just as Luxurique’s employees and partners will do.  Our expectation of our guests is that they:

  • Perform Self-Inspection and logging - guests are asked to perform regular Temperature checks and log their daily temperatures during their stay.

  • Inform Luxurique should they observe any raised temperatures or any other symptoms of feeling unwell

  • Go into self-isolation if demonstrating  COVID like symptoms. Guest will be informed of the required process to follow prior to their travel arrival in Japan

  • Wear Masks when the program requires. Note Luxurique will provide guidance on when Masks can be taken off and when required. However, Guests are required to wear masks at all times when outside their arranged private accommodation including during transportation and Luxurique activities

  • Refrain from using high risk areas and facilities such as Gymnasiums (areas will be notified to Guests on arrival)

  • Follow Hygiene and Hand Sanitization guidelines including regular hand Sanitization with virus killing disinfectant (provided) before entry to any activity, and between each stage of a journey

  • Follow Luxurique’s Activity guidelines, adhering to requirements and behaviors.

  • Adhere to the agreed pre-planned schedule and activities and not stray from the plan



5) Standards for Hotels and Accommodation


Luxurique will work with our selected and preferred hotels that demonstrate responsible COVID prevention measures. These measures include:


  • Ventilation and air purification of indoor spaces

  • Sanitizer available at entrances and exits plus in common areas with heavy foot traffic

  • Frequent cleaning of common areas and high-touch surfaces

  • Operating at reduced capacity where necessary to provide social distancing space

  • Social distancing measures including partitions and separate access points

  • Employee health and hygiene training and employees follow health management requirements with robust management checking compliance

  • Proper use of PPE (short for Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks and gloves).

  • Readily accessible medical care

  • Flexible cancellation policies

  • In- room amenities including face masks and sanitizers

  • No-contact drop-offs for room service


6) Standards for Transportation


Luxurique will work with our selected and preferred transportation partners that demonstrate responsible COVID prevention measures. These measures include:


  • Interior spaces are properly ventilated at all times

  • Vehicles are deep-cleaned, and all surfaces are disinfected frequently

  • Physical partitions between drivers and passengers are installed

  • Mobile air purifiers available in the private planes, limos, and dedicated train carriages

  • Shared transportation will be operated at limited capacity to prevent crowding

  • Drivers/Chauffeurs health management and requirement of PPE

  • Drivers/Chauffeurs go through health and hygiene training

  • To further enhance safety, we will have internal tracing programs in place.

  • Truly private hires: our chauffeurs will be personally designated, so one driver will be responsible for your whole trip.

  • Digital entertainment services. To replace items such as magazines and pamphlets, we will be providing digital alternatives on screens that are disinfected prior to picking you up.

  • Seamless and safe service through the use of digital products and replacing reusable items with recyclable one time use items.

  • On luxury trains, each carriage will have a personal carriage steward on hand

  • On-board meals will be individually wrapped and sealed.




7) Standards for Restaurants


  • Ventilation and sanitizer available on site

  • Frequent disinfecting

  • Timed entry into restaurants

  • Digital menus and options for reduced contact

  • Operating at reduced capacity

  • Social distancing and physical partitions when necessary

  • Employee health management and requirement of PPE

  • Employees go through health and hygiene training

  • Frequent sanitation of cooking tools and kitchen surfaces

  • Delivery / take out available

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