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Browse our library of informative marketing collateral, including promotional videos, presentations, and details of our latest initiatives.


We provide support to those planning to visit Japan and those who have corporate or private customers visiting Japan for vacations and events. Whether your plans are solid or you are still looking at options, Luxurique’s experienced travel planners can assist. 

To arrange a no-obligation discussion with one of our travel experts, click here.

Corporate Capability Presentation

Discover Luxurique's expertise and experience in Japan luxury travel through our comprehensive corporate capability presentation.

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Corporate Capability Video 

Our corporate capability video provides a thorough introduction to Luxurique's MICE and FIT hospitality expertise. 

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Find out more about Luxurique in this concise guide to what we provide our FIT and MICE clients.

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Themes and Interests Presentation

Discover another way to plan your Japan trip. Our themed itineraries provide the framework for interest-based journeys.

FIT Hospitality Video

Luxurique is unrivalled in its understanding of UHNW FIT clients. Find out what sets us apart in our FIT-specific video. 

MICE Hospitality Video

Luxurique has a decade of experience working on high-profile brands' MICE events. Find out more about what we do in our

MICE video.

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