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Corporate Events

LUXURIQUE’s corporate event services apply the same level of detailed planning and expert coordination whatever the size and budget of your event; from board-level meetings, management mixers or large-scale conferences.


We understand the cultural gaps that sometimes can occur between teams in global organisations, so our bilingual professionals provide personalised support and guidance to ensure seamless and exceptional events in Japan. 

Our fully customised MICE programmes incorporate Japan’s famed hospitality at every step, from airport welcomes and accommodation recommendations to Michelin-starred meals, bespoke itineraries and one-of-a-kind cultural experiences.

We know that real connections aren’t made in the boardroom, they are made over the shared experiences and memorable moments that make travelling and getting together worthwhile. 

If you’re planning a corporate event in Japan, contact us to see why we have become the go-to MICE event producer for some of the world’s most high-profile organisations.


Start planning your corporate event in Japan today.

Our Corporate Event Services

Executive Expertise

We have unrivalled experience looking after C-suite leaders and key corporate decision-makers. We have connections in local industries, academia and culture to ensure their visits to Japan are productive, stimulating and insightful.

People sit on a ledge looking out at a manicured Japanese garden
Someone in traditional Japanese dress and makeup raises a glass of beer to the camera
Building Partnerships

Japan represents an opportunity for any visiting executive. We use our network of corporate and cultural partnerships to craft fully tailored dinners, functions and entertainment that showcase Japan and help deepen the bonds between local and global corporate teams.

Collaboration and Coordination

We are your bridge between the local and global corporate teams, providing complete, end-to-end planning and logistics. This can include VIP welcomes, trip scheduling and interpretation, supplementary programs and tour organisation.

Two women stand in front of a car holdng clipboards
Two long tables are set for dinner in a Japanese tatami room

Bringing teams together in an inspiring and intimate environment can lead to refreshing collaborations, creative solutions and business breakthroughs. Whether you’re planning an annual gathering of global executives or a board of directors’ retreat, Luxurique can find the perfect location—and the requisite level of hospitality—to ensure event and business success for your corporate event in Japan.

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