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Experiences and Unique Content

WHETHER it's your first, or one of many trips to Japan, there is so much to see and experience. Luxurique crafts and delivers visitor itineraries and experiences that are stimulating, immersive, and unique.


We can recommend content from our exclusive catalog of activities that have been enjoyed by many or tailor-make new experiences to suit your likes, event objectives, and budgets.

Feel free to contact us to start the planning process, our team will help you quickly bring together the itinerary and trip content to make your visit a wonderful and memorable happening!

Sample Experiences

Private Kabuki Performance

Enjoy a front-row seat like no other at an exclusive Kabuki theatre workshop in the rarefied surroundings of a traditional Japanese house. A professional Kabuki actor will explain the history, costumes, makeup and unique vocal techniques of this centuries-old art form before performing scenes from some of Kabuki’s more famous plays.

Tea Ceremony in a Kimono

Learn from professional dressers how to correctly dress in an elegant kimono, Japan’s iconic garment for both women and men, in preparation for a professional photo shoot in a tranquil Japanese garden. The experience concludes with a traditional sado tea ceremony in a tatami-matted teahouse in the grounds of the traditional venue in Tokyo.

Temple Tour

Visit one of Japan’s most famous Buddhist temples and learn about its fascinating, 1,200-year-old history from the temple abbot. This behind-the-scenes tour will take in private gardens and smaller temples not accessible to the general public and offer a peek into the day-to-day life of a Buddhist monk.

Culinary Master Class

Renowned the world over for its cuisine, Japan also boasts more Michelin 3 Star restaurants than any other country. This once-in-a-lifetime experience puts you in the kitchen of one of Japan’s culinary masters, who will offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one of Japanese cuisine’s cornerstone ingredients. 

Swordsmanship Workshop

The katana sword was the iconic weapon of the samurai. At a private session with a katana master, learn about the Japanese art of swordsmanship and the essence of bushido (the way of the warrior) before donning a traditional hakama and trying your hand at wielding this curved, single-edged blade.

Immersed in Nature

Travel by plane to the wilds of Japan’s northernmost island. The mountains and coastline of Hokkaido are home to hundreds of species of wildlife, from brown bears to red-crowned cranes. This expert-led tour promises opportunities to see rare animals and birds in breathtaking surroundings. Experience a whole different side to Japan.

Sumo Stable Visit

Get up close and personal with professional sumo wrestlers at their stable, the place where they live and train. After taking in a morning practice at the stable of a former champion, you’ll have the chance to step into the ring yourself for a mock bout before sitting down with the wrestlers for a breakfast of chanko nabe hot pot, a sumo staple.

Geisha Night

Kyoto’s Gion district is the spiritual home of the geisha, Japan’s classical entertainers. During this memorable evening in Gion, you’ll enjoy an exquisite kaiseki dinner at one of the area’s oldest teahouses while being privately entertained by a geisha. This exclusive evening will offer an enriching insight into geiko (as geisha are known in Kyoto) culture. 

Art of Bonsai

Learn the intricacies of bonsai, the centuries-old Japanese art form of shaping miniature trees and shrubs, from a bonsai master. The four-time recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award, bonsai’s top honour, will explain what it takes to cultivate a tree that reflects the personality and sensibilities of its green-fingered artisan.

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