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Independent Travellers

OUR tailored trips to Japan open doors to people, places and experiences that immerse you in the culture on a deeply authentic level. 


Through our local knowledge and connections at every level of Japanese society, we invite you to take a counter seat at Japan’s impossible-to-book dining spots, step inside its rarefied institutions, explore off-the-beaten-track gems, and meet world-famous pop culture influencers and celebrated artisans. Whatever your interests and requirements, no matter how specialised, we have the expertise and connections to craft a bespoke trip to tick all your boxes. 


We craft once-in-a-lifetime trips to Japan to suit families, friends, groups, couples and solo travellers.


Start planning your trip today.

Independent Traveler Services

Local Knowledge

Whatever your reason for visiting Japan, we have the know-how and contacts to make it your best vacation yet. Nothing is too niche or too extravagant. We provide access to its most exclusive enclaves, whether that’s in the world of art, cuisine, sport, design or technology.

A group of sumo wrestlers train in a sumo stable
A kabuki actor and assistant adjust his wig
Authentic Experiences

All of our bilingual planners and coordinators are passionate about Japan. They ensure that every trip reveals its rich culture, from hidden, Buddhist temple gardens to Michelin-starred restaurants. Our pleasure lies in sharing the real Japan and its people.

We apply the same level of meticulous planning and hospitality to every group size and budget. We take care of all the preparation and details—right down to the last bucket-list fantasy or spur-of-the-moment request—so that our guests can focus on the adventure.

A man kneels and drinks from a cup in a tatami room
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