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WHAT are SDGs and why are they important?


SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a standard globally agreed set of goals to guide governments and private institutions to achieve the critical goals of achieving sustainability, peace, and the development of human society. There are 17 goals and 169 targets within those goals, including eliminating poverty, inequality of all types, and climate change. ​


Luxurique's SDG Program


Luxurique is fully committed to operating responsibly, making our company align with the SDG goals, and driving a program of activities to establish working methods and processes to ensure that we do our part to contribute to this global objective. We continually strive to maintain our consideration of all of the three tracks of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental and to balance the required harmony between helping Japan's economic development through tourism, minimizing the impact of our business/events on local nature, and providing services that delight and create magic memories of Japan for our visitors. Our alignment and compliance with the SDG goals is channeled through 8 focus areas and initiatives.

Initiative 1: Expanding Japan's Contribution to the Global Travel Market


Luxurique is recognized as a global market leader for Japan inbound events and travel programs, and our focus on helping to expand Japan's contribution to the global travel market is based on three primary focus areas: ​

  • Focusing on high-quality marketing to get the message out to the global travel market and potential visitors about the Spirits and Wonders of Japan and how Japan can provide unique and memorable visitor programs and experiences that many consider being the best in the world. 

  • Working with Japanese partners to develop new regions, unique bespoke visitor products and services, plus itineraries and experiences to meet current global market buying trends and requirements.

  • Providing advice and consulting services to the Japanese travel industry (based on our long history of dealing with High-End and VVIP travelers) to help them understand the best ways to support high-end travelers in terms of products, service quality, support needs, and visitor expectations. We also focus on some of the lesser-known regional areas and cities, selling the major cities and rural areas. We work with artisans and businesses that support inbound travel into Japan by helping them connect with the outside world through our direct marketing/sales contacts worldwide and better align their services to the needs of foreign visitors about their service/products and visitor support requirements and expectations. We strive to reach the sensitive balance between the three: natural; our unique bi-lingual, bi-cultural and corporate process experienced staff which ensures that language and cultural obstacles are removed from the process of identifying, planning, and executing travel programs and events in Japan that might otherwise be seen as barriers to Japan capturing a more significant share of the global travel market - both for corporate events/incentives and high-end private travel. ​

Initiative 2: Delighting Our Customers 


Providing services and support for customers with heightened customer experience is recognized and a significant differentiator for all company but none more so than in the events and hospitality industry. Luxurique's customer experience focus has created value and high levels of satisfaction from our customers. We are dedicated to providing the highest possible quality hospitality and content to make our customers visit the best experience it could be. Our positive track record has been achieved based upon four major factors:​

  • ​Our ability to work with our customers collaboratively to craft a unique and often bespoke travel program or event that genuinely matches their desires, requirements, budget, and objectives with the best that Japan has to offer

  • Our culture of flexibility and creativity focuses on making every project's contents "something special" - we understand the differing tastes and honestly know that one size does not fit all.

  • Our focus on providing a pleasant and engaging customer experience in our customer facing systems and services - our website SNS channels and help desk to ensure our customers, partners, and potential users have fast but easy access to the information and experienced guidance/advice needed for them to make the decisions that will produce the best possible outcomes.

  • Our focus is continuing to enhance our reputation for high-quality program execution and customer care during the delivery of our visitor programs and events. We do this by deploying our unique customer care model, focusing on "going the extra mile" for our customers, which drives our hospitality to be hassle-free and enables the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Initiative 3: Focus on Supporting Diversity and Inclusion 


Luxurique has driven the principal of diversity and inclusion as a company's base

principal since it was first established in 2014. Our commitment to hiring without

bias to gender, race, age, and educational background is well known.

Our track record bears out this focus: an illustration being that even in the past two

years, we have employed people of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, American, and

British citizenship as well as having an excellent balance of women to men (currently about 50/50) and a range of employees whose ages have a 40 plus years gap/separation. Other essential policies for Luxurique are our support for women who wish to return to work after raising their families, hiring and supporting employee development who have not been to university, and strictly adhering to equal opportunity for all. Our management positions are selected based upon ability, not age, gender, or length of service. We continuously strive to create a better place to work for our team to listen to and encourage opinion and tolerate e varying attitudes. Luxurique's commitment to business diversity is second to none. We are proud to say that our customers come from all walks of life, a wide variety of cultures and origins. ​

Initiative 4: Supporting Japan's Cultural Heritage and

Artisan Ecosystem


Luxurique understands the importance of Japan's historical heritage in essential

venues and cultural/historical sites and its unique and varied base of cultural

artisans and performers. We know that if these Japanese resources are not nurtured and supported by the industry and helped to do difficult times, they will not survive. This would have a substantial negative impact on Japan's attractiveness to the global travel market. Luxurique continually strives to help build and promote visitor experiences and itineraries that are based upon these cultural treasures, and we understand that getting the rest of the world to know what treasures there are in Japan as well as supporting visitors to see/experience and spread the word about their memories is key to the future.

Initiative 5: Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty


A company is only ever as good as its employees. At Luxurique, we consider it

essential to take care of our people and focus on the critical areas of development

and coaching in all daily activities. We actively strive to give our people

opportunities to excel, take on new responsibilities, and contribute to new and

different roles/responsibilities. Keeping our promises to our staff is also key to

how we operate: We are proud to say that even though this catastrophic period of

COVID project/revenue reduction, we have maintained our full team of employees who chose to stay in this period. We actively promote exercise and a work-life balance to our employees.

Initiative 6: Contribution to the Local Community and Society


We'll be responsible to our communities. Every tour is planned and operated by a

local community we're part of to benefit the local people, because we believe that

enriching the communities we operate in is essential for preserving the heart and

spirit of Japan. Thanks to our close partnerships with local artisans and business

throughout Japan, we possess the unique ability to help bolster and promote the

otherwise hidden beauties of Japan to people from all walks of life, bringing

recognition and economic growth directly to the communities that need it most.

Initiative 7: Sustainable Operations


At Luxurique, we strive to support sustainable operations in everything. It is a fundamental tenet of our business. On a daily basis, we consider within all parts of our operations and projects/departments how we can contribute to the conservation and preservation of the Japanese environment. Whenever possible, we only work with partners who also take protection seriously and take appropriate actions to make things better. We tightly couple protection of the environment with our hospitality, tours, and itineraries. Some of the ways we focus on sustainability are:

  • ​We regularly communicate and inform our teams on our sustainability programs, objectives, and goals, plus employees' part to be played in the overall plan. We also promote the sharing of improvement ideas.

  • We continuously focus our team on reducing wastage in our use of electricity and gas and reducing/minimizing our use of non-reusable consumables and equipment.

  • We separate our waste to drive maximum recycling.

  • Our facilities and IT team are focused on maximizing our system's efficiency in utilizing resources and energy and recently changed pour entire office hardware to higher energy-efficient PCs.

Initiative 8: Marketing Focuses and Your Customer Promise



The market's awareness and belief in the Luxurique business's integrity is our

number one business imperative, along with driving maximized customer

satisfaction and experience. We only recommend and sell 3rd party experiences

that we have vetted and what we believe to be the best option for our customers. 

We actively discourage customers (to the point where we have on occasions decided to walk away from business) if they are insistent on asking us to provide services and hospitality content that do not meet our high standard for service quality and experiential outcomes. We don't promise what we can't deliver, and we always focus our people on getting the most out of an itinerary for our customers. We take service excellence exceptionally seriously and have a robust operational model that drives processes and systems that appropriately monitor and track our delivery - we do not leave things to chance. Real-time and accurate communication and updates per our customers is a fundamental part of how we operate in project mode.

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