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Luxury Brand Events

JUST as Japan is a world-leading centre of luxury brands, Luxurique is Japan’s preeminent organiser of luxury brand events.


Our team of bilingual and highly experienced coordinators combine local knowledge, seamless planning support and Japan’s famous hospitality to stage stunning events that showcase the brand with a touch of the local culture.


From European fashion house viewings and exclusive jewellery launches to black tie galas and intimate celebrations that blend modern chic and centuries-old Japanese aesthetics, our portfolio of event success is extensive.


With our signature meticulous planning and network of connections in every area of Japanese society, we craft tailored, end-to-end itineraries that indulge guests’ every moment in Japan through fastidious hospitality and truly unique cultural experiences.


Start planning your event today.

Our Luxury Brand Event Services

Client Care

Guest satisfaction is central to everything we do. Applying our signature attention to

detail, flexibility and local knowledge, we ensure visitors’ expectations are nothing less

than exceeded. And when it comes to presence, our team of immaculately presented

coordinators offer nothing less than professionalism and aplomb.

Places and People

We bring the unique to every event we organize. Through our long-established partnerships with masters of Japanese culture and the country’s most exclusive venues, we produce bespoke, brand-elevating and truly memorable events and

experiences. Whatever the occasion, we find the perfect venue fit.

Managing the Details

With our event management expertise, every logistical detail of an itinerary and occasion is considered and planned, from warm airport welcomes to sayonara memento gifts. Transportation, accommodation, reservations, exclusive trips, culinary experiences, interpretation and coordination are all part of our premium service.
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Location is everything when you want to make an impression. With our years of experience organising every type of event, from chic galas to dynamic product launches to one-of-a-kind industry occasions, we have accumulated an impressive portfolio of venues connections. Whatever the requirements, Luxurique can find the perfect space and environment to elevate your brand and mesmerize your guests.