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  • Gaby Doman

Celebrating Ten Years of Luxurique

A Message from CEO & President, Naomi Mano

The team celebrate 10 years of Luxurique in Kyoto

June 2024 marks a decade of Luxurique, a journey that began in 2014 to cater to luxury inbound travellers. We started with a small team of just three members, with the vision of offering an alternative to cookie-cutter packaged trips to Japan. We catered to the demands of exclusive travellers who wanted to experience a deeper and meaningful, ‘unique’ angle to Japan. Through relentless hard work, and the dynamism of our team, Luxurique quickly established itself as a trusted partner for luxury travellers.

In 2018, the government identified luxury inbound tourism as a pivotal strategy for sustainable economic growth. We received encouragement from various government entities to expand, recognising us as the sole company specialising in this niche. This endorsement sharpened our vision and purpose; we excel in what Japan needs, and we are determined to set the standard. We began significant investment in our people, systems, infrastructure, and operations. Then, the unexpected struck.

CEO and President, Naomi Mano, shares her thoughts on 10 years of Luxurique

The Challenge of COVID-19

COVID-19 profoundly impacted four out of our ten years of operation, marking a significant part of our story. Our first cancellation from a prominent A-list actor and film producer occurred in January 2020. On top of that, we were also working with one of the largest sports associations, coordinating the hospitality for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games across seven venues, and inviting thousands of athletes, staff, referees, future World Cup sponsors, and legendary players. This led to financial setbacks, as we incurred overtime costs and bore cancellation fees. We commenced the pandemic in a deficit, and faced immense challenges, narrowly managing to sustain operations. The prolonged border closures in Japan, which extended far beyond initial expectations, meant that despite the official reopening in October 2022, stringent restrictions persisted until May 8th 2023. It was indeed a tumultuous period.

However, our pre-COVID investments and our continuous strategic investments during the pandemic have now positioned Luxurique at the forefront of Japan’s luxury tourism sector, as the industry rebounds. With inbound tourism expenditures projected to triple over the next six years, we are poised to play a crucial role in realizing Japan’s ambitious tourism targets. Every member of our remarkable Luxurique team is passionate about this mission.

The Luxurique team outside Heian Jingu in Kyoto

Our Team

As a service-oriented company, the excellence of our team is fundamental to our success.  We are committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. As a female-led organization, with women making up 65 to 70 percent of the team, we take pride in offering flexibility and support that enable our employees to advance their careers and balance their lifestyles with family, in various stages of their life. My aim has always been to cultivate a company that embodies kindness and understanding.

Hospitality Director, Jonathan, makes a speech during the 10 year celebrations

The Future of Luxurique

I am deeply grateful to my staff, who have remained steadfast through these challenging years, and the investors. Without their support, we would not be celebrating this milestone. The next ten years promise to be extraordinarily exciting.

The team enjoy a VVIP tour of Kiyomizudera with the head priest

In 2024, we have already had the privilege of hosting A-list celebrities, globally renowned luxury brands, royalty, and some of the world’s wealthiest families. As the industry continues its rapid growth, our understanding of luxury clients and their needs remains unparalleled.

We believe that inspiration transcends mere travel, observation, or acquisition – it is rooted in meaningful human connections. We are committed to sharing the stories of local communities, artisans, experience providers, and venue owners in ways that resonate deeply with our clients.

Looking ahead, Luxurique is poised for continued growth in 2024 and beyond. The luxury tourism industry in Japan is still in its nascent stages, and we possess the experience and expertise to shape its future and define our role within it. We are constantly evolving and have devoted recent years to developing a cutting-edge technology platform that will enable us to significantly scale our operations and expand our influence in Japan’s tourism sector. We look forward to unveiling more details later this year, as we embark on our second decade with renewed vigour and vision.

The team experience Luxurique's exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Kiyomizudera Temple

A Heartfelt Thank You

As we celebrate this milestone, I extend my deepest gratitude to our exceptional staff, partners, suppliers, dedicated investors, and esteemed clients for their unwavering trust and support. We remain committed to delivering the finest experiences, producing exceptional content and products, and ensuring unparalleled seamless comfort for our guests. Luxurique will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do, dedicated to setting new standards in luxury tourism. 

Thank you! Luxurique looks forward to the next decade of curating countless memorable moments and inspiring even more clients on their journeys to Japan.


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