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  • Gaby Doman

From Japan with Love

Japan House Provides a Window into Japan

A room in an art gallery with a huge bamboo installation

Photo credit: Japan House

Nothing enriches your trip to Japan like an authentic connection with its culture and tradition. It’s an ethos that informs every itinerary we craft at Luxurique, curating experiences based on your interests.

The enthusiasm for Japan’s one-of-a-kind culture is also at the heart of Japan House. Japan House is an initiative set up by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with locations in London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.

A chic gallery shop

Photo credit: Japan House

Each facility has an exhibition space, theatre facilities, retail space, food and drink, books and a café to showcase and promote Japan to audiences who already know and love Japan and those who may otherwise have little insight into Japanese culture. You can attend monthly tea ceremony demonstrations, see screenings of award-winning anime films, shop for local, handmade pieces and appreciate arts and crafts unique to Japan. Japan House is a platform for artisans you may otherwise never know about.

Want to meet that 14-generation porcelain maker in Arita they showcased? Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at tea ceremony in an ancient teahouse? Or maybe you want to forge your own samurai sword? If you’re ready to take your artisan obsessions a step further, contact us to create an itinerary tailored to your interests, no matter how niche.


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