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  • Gaby Doman

International Women's Day

This year’s Embracing Equity theme is close to our hearts

A group of women standing outdoors in a line smiling at the camera

On March 8th, Luxurique celebrated International Women's Day. In Japan, women are under-represented in the workforce but make up the majority of the team at Luxurique.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Naomi Mano, we work hard towards our Sustainable Development Goals, which include gender equality.

Equity opens doors to a future where everyone, regardless of gender or background, has the opportunity to succeed. It’s the environment we strive for at Luxurique. We’re proud to have a diverse team, inclusive of all backgrounds, ages, nationalities and genders.

Happy International Women’s Day from the women of Luxurique!

Read more about our CEO, Naomi Mano, here.


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