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  • Gaby Doman

Luxurique advocates for health tourism in Japan at Asian IR Expo

Naomi Mano presents and hosts a panel discussion on the subject at Venetian Macau

Medical and health tourism is experiencing a significant surge. According to the Medical Tourism Global Market Report 2023, the global medical tourism market was valued at USD 115.6 billion in 2022 and by 2032 it is projected to reach approximately USD 346.1 billion.

Japan has emerged as a prominent player in the health and medical tourism sector, highlighting its wellness facilities and activities such as spas, hot springs, meditation, hiking, and nutritious cuisine.

Naomi Mano, the founder and CEO of Luxurique and a prominent advocate for Japan's health and wellness tourism, has been invited to speak at the inaugural Asian IR Expo. This event, taking place from June 11th to 13th, 2023, in Venetian Macau, brings together influential leaders and decision-makers from across Asia.

Scheduled for July 13th, Mano's speech and panel discussion, titled "Luxury Tourism in Japan and the Economic Impact and Competitiveness of Health Tourism in the Asian Market," will delve into several crucial aspects. She will also host a panel discussion titled "Collaboration in Health Tourism: Building Partnerships between Healthcare Providers, Tourism Agencies, Investors, Operators and Regulators."

The panel will explore the factors essential for sustainable growth in the health tourism industry, the key components of a successful health tourism market, and the distinctive qualities that make a health destination stand out.

Furthermore, the discussion will address the challenges in meeting the specific needs and preferences of health-conscious travellers. It will also shed light on Japan's policies that support the development of health tourism and the noteworthy trends within the industry, encompassing advancements in medical technology and consumer preferences.


Luxurique is leading the way for Japan's health and medical tourism industry. Our knowledgeable, discreet and multicultural team can cater to all clients' health and wellness requests. Contact us for more information.


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