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Luxurique CEO Naomi Mano Interviewed on NHK World

a woman in a kimono takes a photo of a geisha with a tourist

Luxurique President and CEO Naomi Mano recently shared her thoughts on the future of travel in Japan during an interview with the country’s English-language broadcaster NHK World.

Mano was interviewed by NHK’s Yuko Fukushima in October for a business report on possible inbound travel trends in a post-pandemic Japan.

The country closed its borders to international visitors in March as the coronavirus crisis took hold around the world.

Mano explained how Luxurique had taken the opportunity over the last few months to better understand the needs of its clients.

While business travellers from a limited number of countries can now visit Japan, the government is reportedly preparing to reopen its borders to all international visitors in April 2021.

Mano said the industry could expect smaller groups of tourists who would likely stay longer in Japan.

“They will hop around and try and experience Japan in a much, much deeper way and understand the culture a bit deeper,” she said. “So, for Japan, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.”

She also predicted that future inbound travel would be “more tailored” to the “individual needs of the specific group of clients.”

Luxurique has specialised in customised travel experiences and luxury events since its founding in 2014.

“It’s no longer about the number of people,” Mano said, “but the quality of travel they do.”


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