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  • Gaby Doman

Luxurique launches Furusato Japan

Japan’s first English and Japanese language Furusato Nozei (hometown tax) platform features a curated selection of return gifts and experiences designed to deepen connections with Japan.

A screenshot of the Furusato Japan homepage

Getting gifts in return for paying taxes is the appealing concept behind Furusato Nozei. This government initiative was introduced in 2008 to drive tax money into smaller municipalities to aid regeneration and support communities, offering local gifts to donors as an incentive.

Furusato Japan, the new Furusato Nozei platform by Luxurique, takes the idea a step further. Luxurique used its luxury travel expertise to consult and collaborate with four municipalities, Arita in Saga, Fuji City in Shizouka, Kutchan in Hokkaido and Ichinoseki in Iwate. Together, they created a catalogue of exclusive local experiences and products to offer as return gifts to donors. The idea is to encourage sustainable, domestic tourism. More municipalities will be added to the site soon.

These once-in-a-lifetime experiences include a porcelain masterclass with the 14th generation descendent of Le Sanpei, the artisan who first discovered white porcelain ore in Arita in 1616 and skiing lessons and a snowcat tour with an Olympian on secret slopes in Kutchan.

Two men and a woman work with clay

Furusato Japan is the first dual-language Furusato Nozei platform, opening the benefits of hometown tax donations to a broader audience. Through this platform, you can “donate” a portion of your tax payments to your choice of municipality across Japan and receive a return gift as thanks. An easy step-by-step guide and Furusato Nozei tax calculator makes the process simple.

This new initiative was covered extensively in the Japanese press, in the following publications:

Coverage of Furusato Japan is featured in:

A photo of the newspaper coverage of Furusato Japan in the Japanese press

Nikkei: 1st October 2022

A photo of Furusato Japan in the Japanese press

Sankei Shimbun: 29th September 2022

Visit the site to get the most out of your tax payments at


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