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  • Bob Fisher

Safe Travels

a woman wearing a mask sanitizing a glass window

After months of lockdowns, travel restrictions and daydreaming of faraway places, people are itching to experience new sights, smells and tastes again. With vaccines for Covid-19 on the horizon, we are busy planning for the return of visitors to Japan.

But travel won’t be the same as it was before the pandemic. In this new normal, people will want to feel safe and secure when they begin exploring again.

Since Luxurique’s business has always been about meticulously managing fully customised itineraries, adapting to this new paradigm of travel and hospitality shouldn’t present too many hurdles for our team of experienced coordinators.

We plan events and experiences that are exclusive in nature and typically designed for small numbers of people. This “intimate travel” approach will be extended, with visitors—whether a private traveller or a senior executive of a worldwide brand—experiencing Japan in fully monitored “bubbles” to minimise the possibility of infection.

Not only will our clients be able to once again enjoy one-of-a-kind insights into Japan’s fascinating culture and people, but they will be able to do so free of any worry or stress.

The safety of our clients is our priority. So besides following the latest expert advice on social distancing, group numbers, sanitising measures and staff screening and quarantining, our coordinators—overseeing every aspect of each client’s program—will be able to anticipate any potential hiccups and handle last-minute changes.

Naturally, the travel landscape looks different, but we’re excited about the chance to share Japan’s breathtaking beauty in a more intimate way than ever before.

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