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  • Gaby Doman

Your Tailored Japan Itinerary

Crafting Personalised Itineraries Beyond Locations

Japan typically evokes images of ancient temples, sprawling cityscapes, and iconic landmarks. But, to find Japan's true essence, you must go beyond snapping a photo at its most famous locations and delve into its fascinating culture and varied subcultures. Ultimately, when you visit Japan, it’s your experiences that shape your travel memories.

With this ethos in mind, Luxurique has developed two approaches to itinerary building; interest-based and theme-based.

Our interest-based itineraries are entirely bespoke, crafted from our vast catalogue of content. We ask our clients the right questions to glean the insights we need to cater to and anticipate their requirements and preferences, constructing an itinerary unique to them. We’ve created tours for star chefs looking to learn about Japan and its cuisine, tours that focus on the lives of Japanese women in the local culture and business, and itineraries built around our guests' special interests in ornithology and the study of reptiles, for example.

Our theme-based itineraries are our latest endeavour to proactively and swiftly harness our wealth of knowledge and skills in the art of itinerary curation through a series of pre-packaged trips built around a theme and accentuated with must-do components to ensure you experience the very best of Japan.

Three examples of our themed itineraries are culinary, bushido and wellness.

Culinary Itinerary

This delectable expedition into Japan's food culture deep dives into every facet of Japan's rich food culture. Guests will acquire new techniques and discover food philosophies via private classes and experiences with some of Japan's most esteemed chefs. Under the guidance of local experts, you'll savour the delights of both street food and Michelin-starred restaurants, gain insider access to the world's largest tuna auction, share hearty bowls of chanko nabe with Japan's revered sumo wrestlers and even forge your own Japanese knife. This 360-degree perspective introduces you to the leading figures in Japan's culinary world and delves into the cultural significance and traditions that underlie Japanese cuisine.

When you plan your journey with Luxurique, we'll curate every aspect of your trip, including accommodation options, expert guides and recommendations for exceptional restaurants.

Bushido Itinerary

Bushido, the way of the warrior, embodies Japan's noble spirit of honour, discipline, and respect. Embrace this ethos through luxury experiences that transport you to a bygone era.

Find your inner samurai through an overnight stay in a Japanese castle, where feudal history comes to life. Immerse yourself in the serene art of tea ceremony, where precision and mindfulness blend. Train as a samurai under the guidance of a fight scene choreographer to study the art of the sword with the same dedication as the legendary warriors. Master the basics of Zen Buddhism to cultivate a sense of devotion and self-control or slip into a traditional kimono and wander historic streets.

In Japan, Bushido lives on.

Wellness Itinerary

Wellness in Japan is an intrinsic aspect of the country's culture and lifestyle, deeply woven into the nation's DNA. This holistic approach to wellbeing encompasses various elements that contribute to the renowned longevity of Japanese people.

This itinerary is an introduction to quintessential practices, including ancient Toji hot water therapy in mineral-rich onsen, meditation and mindfulness rooted in Zen teachings that permeate everyday activities in Japan and fresh, seasonal cuisine which offers a balanced and nourishing approach to nutrition.

Our thematic itineraries are reshaping travel planning. Placing personal interests and themes at the forefront redefines travel as a bespoke tapestry of experiences, inviting travellers to discover Japan in a profoundly immersive and authentic manner.

Contact us to start planning your personalised itinerary.


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