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  • Naomi Mano

Time to Reflect and Refine

a man trims a bonsai tree in a garden

It’s certainly been a challenging 2020. Back in January, Japan was welcoming record numbers of visitors to the country and was gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics, the second time for the Japanese capital to stage the Summer Games after first hosting them in 1964.

Introducing Japan’s alluring culture, breathtaking scenery and renowned hospitality to our corporate clients and intrepid private travellers is what we love to do. Through our carefully nurtured partnerships with the likes of superlative ryokan inns, Michelin-starred chefs, Kabuki actors and celebrated artisans, we offer access to exclusive sides of Japan.

a traditional Japanese low dining table and shoji window

So, naturally, it’s been tough not to able to mesmerise and wow our clients, whether they’re first-timers to Japan or returning enthusiasts in search of more. We’ve missed seeing those smiles at the conclusion of a seamless, successful executive meeting or the look of delight on a client’s face at being able to meet a “living national treasure” from the world of Noh theatre.

But we’ve taken the opportunity over the past few months to look at what we do well and find ways to do it all even better. In the world in which we now live, this also means ensuring every aspect of somebody’s stay combines Japan’s renowned omotenashi hospitality with reassuring safety.

a woman in a kimono kneels with a tray at the garden entrance to a room

The situation also offers a wonderful opportunity. Groups—from global management teams to incentive trip awardees—arriving in Japan will likely be smaller, which translates to more intimate and safer moments for all.

With the recent launch of our new website, we decided to share our industry expertise and cultural insights in a blog on the site. We encourage you to check back for our regular posts in preparation for when we can welcome you to Japan—and its enchanting experiences—in person.


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