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Private Jet Winter Itinerary

Get More From Your Winter Getaway

This sample view of one of our best itineraries lets you experience the best of Japan in winter.

Maximise your time in Japan by opting for a private jet tour of the best seasonal activities across the country, giving the ultimate flexibility.​

This itinerary brings the magic to your winter. Discover Japan’s prettiest villages, Shirakawa-go and Takayama, blanketed in deep snow. Watch geisha perform just for you in a private dinner show, see wild snow monkeys as they relax in steamy natural onsen, along with other cultural experiences.​

Experience life as a samurai when you rent out an entire Japanese castle for the night, waking up the next morning for a coastal horse ride. Go deep into Hokkaido’s wilderness to try your hand at ice fishing for smelt through a hole in thick lake ice, sweep across the snow fields on a dog sledge and indulge in a spectrum of delicious Japanese cuisine. ​

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