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  • Bob Fisher

The Art of Tailoring Trips

A shrine torii gate on a sandy beach, with blue sea beyond

Photo credit: Victor Lu, Unsplash

Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, sandwiched between the main island of Honshu and the southern island of Shikoku is teeming with islands—more than 3,000, in fact.

Many are uninhabited while others are lush, sleepy isles that are home to close-knit fishing and farming communities. But a handful, known informally as Japan’s “art islands” are dotted with contemporary art museums, installations and sculptures.

Most tourists arrive by ferry to the main art island of Naoshima then hop on smaller boats to visit the other islands. But the Luxurique team helped one fashion brand CEO and his family experience the islands in spectacular style.

Swooping low over the sea, the family arrived in Naoshima by private seaplane before exploring the island’s sights and then boarding a fully crewed luxury yacht. Over the next few days, they enjoyed a more sedate form of travel between the stunning islands.

It was a highlight in a two-week vacation that featured so many standout moments. Everything, from the bullet train tickets from Tokyo to the personal chef and tour guide, was meticulously organised by Luxurique’s bilingual coordinators.

It is just one example of how Luxurique uses its hospitality expertise, nearly a decade of experience and extensive network of partners across Japan to provide extraordinary experiences for its many senior executive and VIP clients.

Understanding that time is a precious resource for so many successful businesspeople, we ensure that their visits to Japan—whether to secure a deal or to immerse themselves in the culture—are tailored to their precise needs and allow them to fulfil their every ambition, no matter how niche or seemingly impossible.

We have a track record for exceeding the expectations of our clients, and much of this is down to the fact that crafting one-of-a-kind itineraries is what excites us. We delight in the chance to reveal Japan’s fascinating culture and breathtaking natural beauty. This is what drives us to keep seeking out new experiences and to continuously forge relationships in the worlds of dining, culture, entertainment and business.

We also know that successful trips are about detailed planning and anticipating potential hiccups. If our clients have particular dietary needs, safety concerns or interests, we research and prepare. We don’t leave anything to chance, which means that when the unexpected happens (and it happens), we’re ready to adapt and find a swift solution.

That’s how we were able to so seamlessly step in at the very last minute and organise more than 200 chauffeur-driven cars for an international brand’s Tokyo exhibition.

But flexibility isn’t just about accommodating unexpected requests, it’s also about suggesting out-of-itinerary activities or gift ideas that suddenly become possible. Life can be unpredictable—and being ready to embrace whatever occurs can lead to truly magical moments, and magical memories for our clients.


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