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  • Yuma Kamochi

Trips That Fit

A man wearing a surgical mask and looking at a laptop

American fashion designer Michael Kors was onto something when he declared: “A man in a well-tailored suit will always shine brighter than a guy in an off-the-rack suit.”

It’s true that a customised, beautifully cut garment brings out the best in both the clothes and the wearer.

At Luxurique, we feel the same way about our business. Whether we’re planning an immersive cultural trip around Japan, a meeting of global executives or a series of incentive experiences for deserving employees, we customise every aspect to the needs and wants of the client.

You won’t find any templated, one-size-fits-all packages in our portfolio of services. Understanding that every client has different goals in mind, we craft plans that are fully curated to meet those.

A flow chart showing Luxurique's planning process with clients

This all starts with a conversation. We want to know more about each of our clients and what makes them tick. Once we understand their aims, requirements and expectations, our coordinators can use their local expertise and knowledge to tailor a package that will delight.

In many ways, we see ourselves as ambassadors of Japan. We have a passion for every aspect of the country’s endlessly intriguing culture and unrivalled hospitality, and we are forever on the lookout for new parts to share.

Of course, it helps that we have well-established partnerships in so many areas of the arts, fashion, culture, business, travel, cuisine and entertainment. These relationships are what put the “exclusive” in the events and experiences we offer.

That’s why your average travel company can never arrange a private performance with a Kabuki actor in a centuries-old Kyoto house, for example. But opportunities to “step behind the curtain” are at the heart of we do. We want to give our clients mesmerising experiences that will leave them eager to return to Japan to explore more.

We are also more than just coordinators. We are concierge companions and guides. From that first exploratory call with a client to the final farewell at the airport, we are there to ensure they get the most out of their time in Japan.

Since visiting a new country can be daunting—particularly when it has to be just right—we encourage our clients to lean on us. While we take care of the logistics (and last-minute changes!), the business etiquette tips and the language barrier, our clients can focus on what brought them to Japan in the first place.

Whether you’re planning an event in Japan for later in the year or are still at the “dreaming” stage, start a conversation with us today.


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