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  • Gaby Doman

Flavours of Fukui

An Evening of Food and Sake, with Luxurique and Fukui Prefecture

More than 30 of Tokyo’s most discerning foodies gathered at Cultive291, a dining space devoted to food from Fukui, on Thursday, August 31st for an evening of Fukui food and sake, produced by Luxurique with support from Fukui Prefecture.

The event, Emi Sugiyama's Fukui Gourmet Class, was hosted by the prestigious author and chef, a regular contributor to Vogue and Marie Claire. Naoto Mizuno, the president of Kokuryu Sake Brewing Corporation, joined her. Together, these industry thought leaders introduced guests to Fukui’s flavours, sharing educational insights and anecdotes.

Luxurique’s CEO, Naomi Mano, was also at the event, which was part of Luxurique’s continued commitment to support and promote Japan’s municipalities and provide consulting services to elevate their offerings, encouraging both domestic and inbound tourists to explore Japan on a deeper level.

Guests enjoyed a multi-course meal paired with seven Kokuryu sakes. Dishes included marinated striped mackerel with autumn eggplant, red sea bream poele with clams and seaweed and sake-infused chocolate fondant, all created using fresh Fukui ingredients.

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