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  • Gaby Doman

Luxurique at ILTM Cannes 2023

Experiential Travel is a Hot Trend for 2024

Experiential travel was a strong theme at the event

Luxurique headed to France in early December for the 22nd edition of ILTM Cannes, the world’s leading luxury travel trade show. The event features the creme de la creme of luxury travel industry professionals, including more than 90 influential travel editors and 2,100 buyers from 330 brands coming from 83 countries. 

For Luxurique, experiential travel goes deeper than cultural immersion

During the countless meetings we hosted at our booth, one clear theme emerged; experiential travel. For us, experiential travel is nothing new and has been at the core of what we do since our inception in 2014. Our clients, VVIP travellers, are the trendsetters of the industry. They demand more than experiential travel, and Luxurique is committed to meeting and exceeding their needs. In recent years, we have taken immersive, cultural experiences to a new level for our clients. Beyond experiencing the culture, our clients want to build connections with the people who make Japan extraordinary as a way to better understand the country and form lasting, meaningful bonds with Japan’s artisans, chefs, sportspeople and spiritual guides. 

For Luxurique, experiential travel goes deeper than cultural immersion

“For us, experiential is the norm,” says Naomi Mano, Luxurique’s CEO. “But it’s who you have the experience with that our clients have focused on in the last few years. They don’t want to learn to make pottery at a cultural centre or to make sushi at someone’s house, they are asking for Living National Treasures, those who have won awards or they want to explore a temple with the head monk. Our clients are usually extremely successful people so they are travelling to meet people who have been successful in their own right in Japan.”

For an insight into what we offer our VVIP travellers, take a look at some sample itineraries here


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