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Luxurique Inc. and Dentsu Live Inc. Launch a Joint Project Team to Address the Needs of the Inbound Market "INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION” 



April 24, 2024 

Luxurique Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Naomi Mano; hereinafter "Luxurique") and Dentsu Live Inc. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Masahiko Takagi; hereinafter "Dentsu Live") have launched a project team "INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION" to address the needs of the growing inbound market.  

Since April 2023, when border measures for COVID-19 were eliminated, inbound travel to Japan rapidly recovered, with 25.07 million inbound travellers and 5,292.3 billion yen in inbound travel expenditures in 2023*, according to the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Travel and Tourism.  


The new National Tourism Promotion Basic Plan, approved by the government on March 31, 2023, set a goal of 60 million inbound travellers and 15 trillion yen in inbound tourism spending for 2030**. To achieve these high targets, there is a pressing need to secure specialised personnel for inbound travel and MICE*** for global companies and to develop and expand on experience content. 

Luxurique and Dentsu Live’s INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION was established to proactively respond to the needs and challenges of this rapidly expanding inbound market, and to provide the services and solutions required to reach these lofty targets.  

Luxurique is Japan’s only hospitality and event management company that fully caters to the complex demands, fast-moving plans and high expectations of international VVIPs and global corporations. It works directly with the client, ensuring unrivalled agility and unparalleled knowledge of this market. Its access to people and places that no other company has opens doors to highly exclusive experiences. Luxurique consults with masters across a broad spectrum of industries to curate itineraries that resonate with the exacting demands of its discerning VVIP clientele. Through INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION, Luxurique shares this market knowledge with Dentsu Live to elevate Japan’s tourism industry from the foundations.  


This expertise is complemented by Dentsu Live, one of Japan's largest companies specialising in event space development. Its advanced, high-quality planning, staging, and execution capabilities, enable this partnership the scalability to better cater to the evolving needs of of the most discerning inbound travellers. INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION will provide high-quality "Japan" experiences for foreign visitors, develop closer cultural and economic exchange between Japan and other countries, and contribute to Japan's vision for tourism. 



(1) Propose luxury content planning, implementation and operation services. 

  • High-quality consulting services by dedicated staff with rich experience in the luxury travel business. 

  • Propose and implement high-quality conferences and events in the MICE domain. 


(2) Develop experience content in metropolitan areas. 

  • Develop complex services that package entertainment, food and beverage, and merchandise sales, etc., to revitalise the nighttime economy. 


(3) Provide highly customisable experiences. 

  • Access to unique and special venues and destinations, master craftspeople, and top artisans to curate experiences that match the demands of VVIP travellers.  

  • Promote tourism DX for inbound travellers to ensure broader access (e.g., invest in multilingual software development). 


(4) Consulting for the creation of inbound tourism destinations in rural areas. 

  • Collaborate with regional development and community-building activities. 

  • Support the development and revitalisation of tourism resources that lie dormant throughout Japan. 

  • Support infrastructure development (lodging, food & beverage, communications, transportation and signage) across Japan. 


We are looking forward to expanding our business by maximising our event production 

capabilities to meet the needs of Luxurique’s overseas clients who are flocking to Japan.  We are confident that this will contribute to the realisation of the tourism targets of Japan's Tourism Nation Plan,” said Masahiko Takagi, President of Dentsu Live. 


We are very pleased to have the cooperation of Dentsu Live. Its capability to produce content and events throughout Japan complements Luxurique’s unrivalled understanding of and access to high-value international clients. Our partnership, INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION, empowers us to significantly scale our efforts, reflecting the evolving demands of inbound tourists,” said Naomi Mano, President of Luxurique. 


Through INBOUND CREATIVE SOLUTION, we have an enhanced capacity to elevate tourism resources across Japan and provide meaningful cultural experiences to inbound travellers. This long-sighted project will build solid foundations for continued, sustainable growth for tourism in Japan. 


Luxurique Inc. 

Representative: Naomi Mano, President & CEO 

Location: 5-9-19-301 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Founded: June 16, 2014 


Dentsu Live Inc. 

Representative: Masahiko Takagi, President & Representative Director 

Head office location: Dentsu Ginza Building, 7-4-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 

Date of establishment: August 14, 1950 (began operations as Dentsu Live Inc. on January 4, 2017) 


* From the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 


** From the Japan Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s "Tourism Vision to Support the Future of Japan"  


*** MICE is a term coined from the initial letters of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions, and is used to refer to business events such as conferences, trade fairs, and events.  


For inquiries about this report, please contact us: 

Luxurique Inc. Japan Marketing & Communications Manager, Minako Matsunaga 

Luxurique Inc. International Marketing & Communications Manager, Gaby Doman 

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